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Don't Vote?

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This video makes me think of a friend in California who talks about how disillusioned he is with the voting process.  Why vote when it's clear that Obama will win California?  Why vote when the election is usually decided before polls in California even close?  Why vote when the issues that matter to me or him aren't even discussed in any of the debates?

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Free Magic Eraser

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There was a time when we bragged that none of our kids ever colored on the walls, or furniture, or anything else other than paper. We bragged and bragged.


Our four year old, with a black sharpie, just drew a "house" on our hard wood floor.  Then he drew a "car" with his new markers on his bedroom wall. There is even a purple crayon line on one of our lamp shades.

At school, he got his markers taken away for coloring on his marker case, milk carton, and hands!  This new interest in art is making us crazy.

Coincidentally, we found this web site for a free Magic Eraser. This product should be on the permanent shopping list for all parents. It works, it's wonderful, and can take black sharpie off of floors.

Go to this link and click Share of Love.

Sesame Street Now Officially on YouTube and Hulu

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Can you tell me how to get - how to get to Sesame Street?

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Create Your Own Cookbook, cookbooks, cooking, links

I'm not the best cook but, of course, I love food. And I love looking at cookbooks. is a web site that allows you to create all kinds of books: photo books, biographies, memoirs, and cookbooks.  You simply download the free software, choose a template you want, design your book, and purchase it (between $14 to $25). I have not used this web site to create a cookbook.  However, I have used the site to create photo albums. Both the web site and the software is fairly easy to use and most importantly, the final product is wonderful.

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