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Before the Day Ends ... Happy Mother's Day

On Mother's Day, almost nine years ago, I stood in my house - eight and 1/2 months pregnant - with a duffel bag in hand.   I was about to have my first son. 

I was nervous.  I was excited.  And I knew I going to get the best Mother's Day present a mom could get - a baby.  (And way, way more work than I ever expected). 

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Finding Books for Your Child's Reading Level

A friend of mine recently sent me a link to a useful web site.  This site sorts books according to reading level.  I know that libraries do the same thing; they sort books by reading level in their book shelves.  However, for me, it's nice to see a list.  That way, insteading of walking down an aisle of books with my head turned sideways, I can use the library's County Cat system to request books for my kids.  This is sometimes a lot easier.

Here is a list of books, according to reading level.

I am relieved that say that - as a mom and an adult - I can successfully read to level Z.  Level Z is Treasure Island and I read that book a long, long, long time ago.

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Jazz Cafe

I attended the Jazz Cafe last year.  It was held at Cudahy High School and I went to this event with my whole family.  We had  a lot fun!  This was the night where my youngest son attempted to teach me how to dance.

Of course ... he didn't succeed.

This year, the Cudahy High School Music Department is having Jazz Cafe again.  This event is on June 5. There will be live jazz, dancing, a silent auction, raffles, desert bar, snacks, beverages, and family entertainment.

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35 Second Stories

Yesterday, my kids and I decided to have some fun with Google's new Google Search Stories application.  This was fun!

Basically, you can create a video based on a series of Google searches that you define.    With the assistance of a few spelling corrections from me - my kids were able to figure it out easily.  My only complaint about this application is I wish we were given the opportunity to make our videos longer.  I really, really want more than 35 seconds.

Here are our creations. 

My video:

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