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Are you up for a ROARING CHALLENGE ?

There is lots of sports news to report this week. First, my son and I ran in the Summerfest "Rock and Sole" Half-Marathon on Sunday, July 10th. The first 6 miles of this 13.1 miles race were on the Hoan Bridge. It was incredibly hot, humid and almost no breeze. At about 10:30 am the race officials "black-flagged" the race which means they stopped timing it in order to encourage people to walk. The times were, however, posted. My son finished in 1' 28". I finished in 2' 56" which is my slowest time ever in a half. That time reflects a large amount of walking. An unusually large number of runners did not finish. I enjoyed the race although it was potentially dangerous to run in this heat and a number of people were overwhelmed. There were lots of people walking who otherwise would have been running. The race also featured a 10k ( about 6.2 miles).

At least two dozen runners collapsed from the heat and were taken by ambulance to area hosptials. Over 50 runners received emergency medical attention on-site. Some of the water stations ran out of water and that may have contributed to the problem. I saw several of the water stations being replenished with deliveries of gallon jugs and bottled water. Here is a link to the Journal Sentinel article:

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Wisconsin Race Based on Military Special Forces Training

This event is taking place today in Wisconsin ! More news to follow.

CHS Cross-Country Alumni Completes Tough-Mudder Race

On Saturday, July 23, 2011 my son completed the "Tough Mudder" run in Devil's Head Resort in Merrimac, WI. This athletic event is modeled after British Special Forces Training. The event includes a 10-mile run and 24 military-style obstacles.

Q: What made you want to run this course?

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