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The Way I See It!

I am an Ultra-Conservative, Alpha-Male, True Authentic Leader, Type "C" Personality, who is very active in my community; whether it is donating time, clothes or money for Project Concern or going to Common Council meetings and voicing my opinions. As a blogger, I intend to provide a different viewpoint "The way I see it!" on various world, national and local issues with a few helpful tips & tidbits sprinkled in.

Finally Cudahy Mayor to Give State of the City Address

Cudahy, Development, Economy, Email, Info, Leadership, Mayor, Meeting

Yes, it is for real!  This is NOT an April fool’s Day Joke.  Mayor McCue is finally going to have the State of the City address.

Mayor to present State of the City address  

McCue will discuss city issues and conduct a question-and-answer session.


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How To Talk About Taxes And Government


Institute For Wisconsin's Future - Here is a DEMOS event workshop which if you read, talks about non-partisanship, but if you look at the “Event Sponsors” they are far from “non-partisan”.  They are liberals!  Is that not slightly scary?


The workshop was about how to talk about taxes and government.


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Clearing Up A Cudahy City Hall Misnomer

Cudahy, Info, Leadership, Mayor, Policy, Taxes, TIF

Attention – Two posts today!!!!!


One of my major issues with Cudahy’s local government with Mayor McCue at the forefront is lack of communication and transparency.


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Keira Knightley In an Anti-Domestic Violence Commercial

Crime, Health, Info, Life, Medical, Safety

****Warning – The commercial is very graphic and may not be suitable for younger audiences or those who might be offended.


Keira Knightley Brutally Beaten for Charity


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My Mayor Ryan McCue Report Card Wrap-Up Part 2

Cudahy, Leadership, Mayor

This is part 2 of the wrap-up of my report card of Mayor Ryan McCue.      Click Here For More 

Guest Blog - Rental Unit Inspections Are Way Out of Line

Cudahy, Guest Blog, Leadership, Mayor, Taxes

From the Cudahy Birdman:


Mayor McCue’s proposal for rental unit inspections are way out of line.


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$4.4 Million Cudahy Referendum

Cudahy, Education, Election, Info, Money, Referendum, school, Taxes, Vote

Special Note – I will have multiple posts each day this week.  Please check back often!

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IndyCar Series FYI

Indy, Info, Sports, TV

Well you might be looking to watch the IRL this weekend as the season kicks off at the Honda Indy Grand Prix of St. Petersburg Florida.


So you try ABC.  Nope not on the station. 


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Bob Grams for Cudahy School Board

Cudahy, Election, Leadership, School Board

School Board Members are a very important part of any city that many people don’t know much about.


I had someone in the comments section of another blog post bring up the fact that most people would not know who their School Board Directors are; a very true and valid point.


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April 7th Voting Thoughts & State Recommendations

Election, Info, Law, Leadership, State Politics, Tips Voting, Vote, Wisconsin

Before I get into each race, I would like to give some thoughts.


School Superintendents, School Board Directors (Members), and Judicial posts (Supreme Court and Circuit Court Judges) are all to be Non-partisan.


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April 7th Voting Thoughts & Local Recommendations

Election, Info, Local Government, Referendum, School Board, South Milwaukee, Taxes, Tips Voting, Vote

Before I get into each race, I would like to give some thoughts.


School Superintendents, School Board Directors (Members), and Judicial posts (Supreme Court and Circuit Court Judges) are all to be Non-partisan.


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Cudahy Newsletter

Cudahy, Info, Local Government, Tips, Newsletter

Let us move the Bi-Annual Cudahy Newsletter into the 21-Century!


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Fundraisers for Make-A-Wish Foundation

Cudahy, Culture, Fun, Fundraisers, Info, Kids, Law, Police, South Milwaukee, Battle of the Badges, Badge Ball

When - Saturday April 11th from 10am - 2pm


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Reminder VOTE TODAY for 2009 Spring Non-Partisan Election

Election, Info, Vote, Wisconsin

Today is Wisconsin’s Spring Non-Partisan Election


State Supreme Court Justice

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Cudahy's City Website

Cudahy, Email, Leadership, Mayor

The City’s website  I like to think of it as “The People’s Website.”  If you look at it, it meets the basic needs of a city website created in the late 1990’s.


Mayor Ryan McCue you promised us that we would get a new updated City Website.  Where is it?


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I Want Your Questions For Mayor McCue To Answer

Cudahy, Info, Leadership, Local Government, Mayor, Meeting, Talk Back

Please Email me any questions or comments you want me to post for Mayor McCue to answer for his Cudahy State of the City Address.


The talk around Cudahy is that Thursday was selected so low turn out and the room would be stacked in his favor.  Maybe Mayor McCue will have a meeting with Tom like last year and then have Tom standup and give a speech supporting Mayor McCue. 


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Hmmm... A Real Head Scratcher!

Cudahy, Development, Info, Leadership, Mayor

Let us look at this article:


Friday, May 16, 2008

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Actual Cudahy "Cute-Sifying" Downtown Paperwork

Cudahy, Development, Economy, Leadership, Mayor, Newsletter

There were people that questioned that the numbers I used were valid.  So here it is!


You will notice that there are Banners listed which currently Cudahy does have and are pretty beat up and ripping.


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Questions For Mayor McCue's State of The City Address

Cudahy, Development, Economy, Email, Info, Leadership, Mayor, Meeting, Talk Back, Taxes, Wal-Mart

My take is Mayor McCue will speak for most of the time and only allow for a few questions due to time constraints.  Planned?????

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Some Gray Areas of the City of Cudahy Hiring Practices.

Cudahy, Info, Leadership, Mayor, McCue, Lara Fritts, DPW, Hiring

Last year if you remember we had this - It is my understand that deputy clerk / confidential secretary (Judy Masarak), just quit and the city is bringing back Carolyn Thoms-Neary, even though the job description was not even hammered out as director of office services.  If the personnel committee NEVER met about this idea how can it be passed?  (I was told that Judy saw an ad for her job and decided to leave after seeing it)


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Mayor McCue's Free Campaign Literature

Cudahy, Info, Leadership, Mayor, Newsletter, Taxes, 2010 Election, McCue

Well the new Cudahy 2009 Spring/Summer newsletter has arrived.  I have to say it reads as a 2010 Mayor McCue ???free??? campaign literature.  Many of the points are to deflect the criticism I personally brought up in the My Report Card of Mayor McCue series.


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Something For Cudahy to Think About

Crime, Cudahy, Graffiti, Police, West Allis

I am not sure if you saw this, but this is something the City of Cudahy might want to look into.

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Good Friday Wishes

Culture, Holiday

I wish everyone a safe Good Friday and Passover!


God Bless Everyone!

Guest Blog - Getting It Right!

Cudahy, Development, Guest Blog, St. Francis, TIF

By -  JTozz


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Happy Easter Everyone

Easter, Holiday

Happy Easter to all who read the blog; the supporters and the critics alike!


We take the time out of our busy lives to pause and reflect on what is important in our lives.  Family, friends, and health, to name a few.

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Guest Blog - Recap of State of City Address

Cudahy, Development, Economy, Guest Blog, Info, Leadership, Mayor, Meeting

By an Energized Cudahy College Student


I will tell you this, it was basic stuff.  McCue being full of hot air and taking credit for everything plus from what I believe, putting the city more in debt.


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Please Attend Taxpayer Tea Party In Madison

Taxes, Wisconsin

I will be in attendance to show my displeasure of HIGH TAXES and the wrong direction the state and country are going.


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Prevailing Wages

Wages, Wisconsin

I have received emails about Mayor McCue’s talk of Jim Doyle’s’ state mandate for “Prevailing Wages” where McCue wants jobs, but at a prevailing wage, whatever Doyle signed the state mandate for a prevailing, McCue's words: “I BELIEVE IN UNIONS”!

Please stop at Boots and Sabers’ “Prevailing Wages” for some great info on them!

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Cudahy K-9 Ezzo's Swearing In

Cudahy, Info, K9, Meeting, Police

Ezzo, part of the Cudahy K-9 with Officer and handler Brian Olson, will be sworn in as a Cudahy Police Officer at the beginning of the Common Council meeting on Tues. 4-21-09 at 7:00 P.M. at City Hall.


Please come and watch this historic and important event.  It will be in the beginning of the meeting so they don’t have to sit through the entire thing. 


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My Madison Tea Party Pictures Part 1

Taxes, Wisconsin



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Cudahy Walgreens and Your Tax Bill

Cudahy, Development, Economy, Leadership, Taxes

I saw on CudahyNow (Cudahy to repay Walgreens $211,000 in taxes) on Friday that the city is paying Walgreen’s $211,000 as a part of the tax settlement from the challenge of their assessment.


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It is a Small World at the TEA Party

State Politics, Taxes, Wisconsin

I would like to thank Roland Melnick of BadgerBlogger for taking this picture of my car driving to the event.  I had 3 other bloggers with me and it is nice to see other bloggers there at the Alliant Center.


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Open Honest McCue

Cudahy, Development, Mayor, TIF, Wal-Mart

Open Honest McCue


I saw on CudahyNow (Plans in works for former Kohl's Food site) that the CDA met in closed session, then came into open session and voted unanimously to approve the financial structure in concept at the Kohl’s Site. 


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Cudahy Police Department Victorious Over South Milwaukee Police Department

Cudahy, Fundraisers, K9, Police, South Milwaukee, Sports, Battle of the Badges, Badge Ball

Congratulations to the Cudahy Police Department for the win in the 8th annual Battle of the Badges.  Congratulations to the Make-A-Wish foundation of Wisconsin.


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We Need Proof!

Cudahy, Mayor, McCue, Wal-Mart, Development

Joe Sindric, proof! 


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Reminder - Cudahy K-9 Ezzo's Swearing In Tuesday

Crime, Cudahy, Info, K9, Meeting, Police, Safety

This is just a reminder to please come down and be a part of Cudahy history on Tuesday for Ezzo’s swearing in as a Cudahy Police Officer!


Ezzo, part of the Cudahy K-9 with Officer and handler Brian Olson, will be sworn in as a Cudahy Police Officer at the beginning of the Common Council meeting on Tues. 4-21-09 at 7:00 P.M. at City Hall.

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NOW Blog Changes Coming


I would like to inform my readers that the NOW blogs will be doing a rollout change.


Waukesha-Brookfield-Elm Grove-Tosa: April 23


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Maybe An Apology

CRG, Cudahy, Law, Leadership, Mayor, Open Records Request

A while back, I wrote about the Open Records request and how on one of them the City or Mayor McCue was stonewalling or just plain ignoring the request and Wisconsin’s Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen was sent a letter detailing such disregard to the law.


I was sent a copy of a letter dated September 9th explaining that the “Custodian of Records – City of Cudahy” Mayor Ryan McCue claimed to never have received the request dated June 26, 2008.


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WWII Nose Art and Plane Painting

Blogging, Culture, History, World

If you ever get the chance to visit Washington D.C and Smithsonian Museum of National Air and Space Museum, you will find Martin B-26 Marauder called “Flak Bait”.


My grandfather was a tail gunner and bombardier on that plane.  Recently looking at old photos of WWII most notably D-day, I started to think about Nose Art and plane painting.


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Something For Cudahy to Watch For

As Cudahy looks to improve downtown and have storefronts redone, Cudahy should look to the problems South Milwaukee has had with their ‘Façade Grant’ so Cudahy doesn’t make the same mistakes down the road.


We learned at the Common Council meeting on Tuesday April 21, 2009, that if the CDA rejects the façade grant request, there is no real recourse the business has to appeal the decision.  The decision is final in the hands of the CDA.  


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The Most Beautiful Voice I Have Heard Sing


Lost Witness - Red Sun Rising


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Cudahy Chatter - April

These items can be considered rumors, gossip, street talk, the word or they could be true.  Only time will tell!


It was brought to my attention that the Boys and Girls locker room signs are not ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act of 1988, 1990) compliant in height and it doesn’t have Braille at Cudahy Middle School.  How could that have been missed?  I will have to check in with Superintendent Jim Heiden on the progress of the issues in the blog post Cudahy Middle School.  I do know the pool water is now warmer, but I was told the showers are still cold.


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Updated - Swine Flu

WHO raises swine flu alert level to 4


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Bradley Center Parking Worth More Than Gold

While attending an event at the Bradley Center, we decided to park in the Bradley Center Parking Structure that is adjacent to the Bradley Center.  The Parking Structure on 1030 North Sixth Street that MATC students and faculty and Milwaukee Journal Sentinel employees use has well.


While driving up the parking ramp, I noticed so many reserved parking spots for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel employees.  Many vacant spots! 


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Devo whipping new CD


I have to say I was a very big Devo fan back in the 1980???s.  Come to think about it that was a perfect way to use flowerpots during a recession!


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Heroin Takes Another Life In Cudahy

Cudahy, Drugs, Culture, Heroin

In a city were heroin drug overdoses are happening, we need to put more money and resources to the police and NOT flowerpots!  Businesses and residents are not going to want to relocate to Cudahy with a drug problem that we, as a city, have.


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Swine Flu Part 2

Health, Flu

As the Swine Flu moves up levels, be alert, take precaution, be informed, but don’t panic. 


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We are lucky

Gas, Wisconsin

While driving through Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota I noticed one thing while filling up gas in my car. 


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Cudahy Mayor Ryan McCue Outsourcing His Job Duties

Mayor, McCue, Leadership

That is a powerful headline is it?  Some may read the headline and say, “Randy, the Mayor should be delegating job duties!”


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Give These Songs A Try


Darude - Sandstorm

Darude – Sandstorm Buy It Here

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