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For the Health of it Now

I am a heath, fitness, and nutrition enthusiast. I am an ultra runner that enjoys running 50 and 100 mile endurance runs. The main focus of this blog is going to be positive thinking and being kind to yourself while getting healthy. It is my desire to help people begin and stay committed to a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating and movement.

Why Proper Hydration?

As summer begins to roll in we start to hear more often about staying hydrated.  I find it interesting that it takes until summer to be reminded of this. Did you know that being dehydrated and consuming an acid forming diet lead to weight gain? One easy reason is that being dehydrated sends confusing messages to our brain. Many times we think we are hungry so we eat.  Also, if we do not get enough water we actually retain water. Some symptoms of dehydration are

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South Shore Duathalon

Today was an amazing day for this ultra running gal. I often talk about the importance of body movement and finding a practice that is enjoyable to you. Many people enjoy swimming, biking, hiking, dancing or playing group sports such as softball, volleyball or tennis. For me it is trail running. My passion is being out there on the trails and being able to run a 50 or 100 mile ultra. Because of that passion, my own exercise plan is mainly running. You have to log a lot of miles to be able to complete the distances I love. I do own a mountain bike and go for casual rides with my family. Living in Cudahy, we are so lucky to have such beautiful parks and bike paths to enjoy. When I saw that there is a duathalon right in my neighborhood, I decided to give it a try. I will say I felt a little intimidated heading to the start. I have absolutely no experience and my only bike is a mountain bike. The people at this event were amazing! From the organizers and volunteers to the competitors everyone was so helpful and supportive. This event was a 2 mile run, 10 mile bike, 2 mile run. The course was beautiful with a bit of a challenge having the famous snake road part of the run course. There was so much I did not know. For one I was so surprised at my “jello” legs after the bike. It took me a bit to get my running legs back. The volunteers were so helpful with guiding me and the competitors with things I had no idea about such as were to dismount and were to mount your bike as you head back onto the course. The first 2 mile run section went smoothly and was lots of fun. The 10 mile bike was very enjoyable even with all the speedy bikers out there passing me. I really enjoyed being part of it. When I got back with my bike, I quickly put it back up on the rack, grabbed a quick drink and headed back out onto the second 2 mile run course. Something did not seem quite right and I soon realized that I had forgotten to take my helmet off my head. A really great young boy grabbed it from me checked the number and told me he would have it back by my bike for me. What a sweetie. I ran the next section with my “jello” legs enjoying every second of it. Believe it or not I was even able to place 5th in my age group so on top of the really nice tech shirt and glass you receive for entering; I was able to bring home some hardware. 

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A Few Tips for the Meat Eaters

As a vegetarian, I often talk about the health benefits of a diet that rejects our animal based and processed foods mainstream diet.  I truly believe that degenerative diseases can be controlled or even reversed by following a fresh, raw, plant based diet.  When food are stripped of their original package by overheating and oxidation, they become nutrient draining to our bodies.  Our bodies are robbed of the nutrients and enzymes we need to break down these foods. 

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Whole Foods For the Whole Body

On Saturday I ran the GBRC 8 hour ultra marathon in Green Bay WI. This was a really fun and beautiful event. It was held at UWGB campus. We ran a 4.1 mile trail loop. The object is to get in as many loops in the 8 hours as you can. It was a gorgeous sunny Saturday in Green Bay. The race organizers and all the volunteers were amazing. I was able to get in 10 loops making it a total of 41 miles. 

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