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For the Health of it Now

I am a heath, fitness, and nutrition enthusiast. I am an ultra runner that enjoys running 50 and 100 mile endurance runs. The main focus of this blog is going to be positive thinking and being kind to yourself while getting healthy. It is my desire to help people begin and stay committed to a healthy lifestyle through healthy eating and movement.

What Compelled Me to Start This Blog

Twenty some years ago my father was diagnosed in his late 40's with colon cancer. Five short and painful years later he passed away.  Three years ago, my mother was diagnosed with the same sentence.  Of course with medical advances over the last twenty years, my mother's fate is looking much brighter than my father's was. The truth is, the health of the world is in the decline.  For the first time ever, our children are predicted to be less healthy then our generation.  With today's technology and medical advances, Doctors are able to keep us living longer than our ancestors yet most of us will live with chronic degenerative disease and fatigue. Many people would like to blame genetics, but I truly believe SAD (Standard American Diet) and lack of exercise are to blame.

When our bodies are overwhelmed with toxins, our immune system cannot work properly. It attacks its own cells causing autoimmune diseases such as

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The Food / Health Connection

Not too long ago I took a member of my family to a Doctor's appointment.  She was having some issues that required a specialist.  She had two appointments that day with a few hours in-between them.  Her Specialist, while writing out a  prescription  for her, suggested we go to Culvers for lunch while waiting for the next appointment.  He also recommended which meals he thought were the "best". I can tell you that none of these choices had anything "green" on or in them.  I was baffled by this for a couple of reasons but mostly that he had her health history right in front of him. He could see she was already on medication for high blood pressure.  The fact that our health care professionals close their eyes to the damages of eating foods that are void of the  nutrients our bodies depend on and are filled instead with taste enhancing toxins is alarming to me.

Part of the problem may be that many health care physicians do not receive a background in nutrition.  In turn they do not see the connection between food and health.  Doctors are trained in treating symptoms and managing pain with drugs and surgical procedures. I do not believe that the specialist my family member was seeing meant any harm. And believe me, if I ever get hit by a car out on one of my runs, I want to be rushed to the emergency room.  I want the skilled staff caring for me to know that I do have faith in them and the skills they have. I believe that Doctors and Nurses do everything they know possible to save us. It is true that advances in medicine and surgery have saved millions of lives. But we can do better by combining nutrition and conventional medicine to help ease pain and suffering.

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Begin Your Journey to Total Health

I have heard that it is easier for people to change their religion than to make life long healthy changes to their diet. Sounds kind of crazy doesn't it?  Are you sick of feeling sick and tired? Does food really matter?  I believe it does.  It can be very overwhelming for a person to make a complete personal health revolution.  It is difficult cutting out foods, adding foods, beginning an exercise program. I believe the key here is to start out slow with no hard rules. Begin to visualize yourself as strong and healthy. 

If there is one thing you can do today to start your journey towards total health, I would say begin by adding foods to your diet that are natural, fresh and raw.  Nature made food for us packed full of the enzymes and nutrients we need to keep our bodies running smoothly. Foods that are processed are nutrient draining to our bodies instead of life giving.  Your body is the only one you will be given in your lifetime. Begin by stocking your kitchen for success.

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Forget What You Thought You Knew About Protein

Last week a reader mentioned that I give some information on a great subject – protein. Protein propaganda is one of the most publicized nutritional requirements for our bodies. Generation after generation has been taught incorrectly that we need meat, dairy, and eggs for protein. Most of  the evidence that was fed to us about animal products containing the types of protein we need was based on an experiment preformed on rats in 1914 and has since been discredited. It has been know for many years that people who consume high protein meat based diets have higher cancer rates than those people who consume plant based proteins. 

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